Driving Force

In most cases images arise from the obeservation of structures and processes, present in nature or artificially put into operation. For example: researching properties of matter in conjunction with gravity, cohesion/adhesion, flow / evaporation, corrosion / erosion etc. Then follows the process of the movement of matter in semi-solid or liquid form, whether or not to organize, to steer and to preserve. The perception of the movement of matter that produces light and shape catalyses emotion during this visualisation. This "mode" is the starting point for a final work in the form of a relief, wallsculpture or assembly. This starting point can be the guiding of a previously determined working process, during wich new workingsketches arise. This way an accumulation of layers of matter or elements come into being, that in one way or the other are in synergy with each other. Possible fundamentals that serve the continuation of the creating process can be: value, weight, hierarchy, balance, contrast, consonant, dissonant, mortality and so on. The imaginative language that is created during the working process, sometimes is a marginally manipulated form, a narrative contrast or a harmonic field. Most of the time these manipulations are visible only during the creating process. It is impossible to catch all moving images passing through. These invisible manipulations are often more important to me than the visible final result. The final result here is always a temporary suspended organized process.