The method of working of the artist Jan Kind is characterised by a number of essential elements. First of all he enjoys making things 'big', which leads to considerable pieces that can have a particular presence due to their execution and atmosphere - however always in a natural manner. His abstract work cannot be easily described, but that is also its strength. Just as intangible and impressive as the nature on wich he likes to base his work.


Jan Kind, who attended the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, has specialised himself on rather abstract work, in wich natural elements can be recognised. His particular skill lies in the ability of capturing harmonic atmospheres in a natural context. Sometimes a very consciously placed dissonance has an even stronger effect. However, it is never for the sake of sensationalism. Jan Kind's primary goal is to inspire.


If his work has a particular goal, then it is meant to serve as a counterweight. In a certain sense to compensate the ordinary, modern stressful society, the passing over of all the beauty nature has to offer. Jan Kind wants to mirror these natural patterns and structures. Opposite to this is the man-made, often linear,order, wich is actually very unnatural. There is no such thing as a straight line in nature. Every wrinkle, every bend has meaning. His work is a plea for the natural 'way of life'.


In order to create definite pieces, Jan Kind spends a considerable amount of time with preliminary studies. No matter how simple - or rather 'how natural' - his work may appear at times, a great number of sketches and preliminary studies were performed beforehand. In order to imitate the natural structures as lifelike as possible, a great deal of patience and skill is required. The transitions between subtle patterns and almost bombastic outbursts will never appear artificial. Everything remains a harmonic entity, in its very particular own style, which has received international recognition. Exhibitions, Interior Designers, Hotels, and Modern Interior Design Stores from all over the world have found their way to Jan Kind.

Nevertheless, Jan Kind always wants his work to be accessible to all.